You want a more toned core, a flatter tummy, but have trouble finding the time to fit in a full workout…

Well, here’s a video with 3 Pilates exercises that will solve the problem.

In just 5 minutes a day, you can get an effective core workout and you will definitely feel the benefits within the first couple of weeks.
Remember that it takes time for a new routine to become a habit.

Be patient with yourself and consistent with the exercises and you will see results.


Let’s get started …

I’ve listed some of the benefits for the exercises shown in the video and ways to modify them if needed:


  • It is great to start with this because it will warm-up your body as you hold the position.
  • This works the deep stabilizers through your core for sure, but it’s also wonderful for building endurance and stability through your shoulders, creating length through your spine and flexibility through your ankles.
  • To modify this to decrease the challenge, you can come down onto your knees or try propping your forearms on a chair.
  • To increase the challenge, hold longer or try lifting a leg – just be sure to keep your hips and trunk level.


Double leg stretch

  • This will challenge your core! By reaching your arms and legs away from your center, you are creating longer levers at both ends of your abdominals. Thus, those muscles have to work a little harder to control movement and stabilize your spine.
  • To decrease the challenge, you can leave your knees bent and only move your arms. You can also rest your head down between each repetition.
  • To increase the challenge, let your legs move lower to the mat or add weight to your hands – being mindful of engaging your abs and not letting your low back arch.


Side to Side

  • Your obliques really work on this one – those are the abdominal muscles along your sides that work to rotate your trunk. They are also important in providing stability to your spine and balancing strength through the core.
  • To make it easier, let your knees come in toward your chest a little and only rotate your hips a little – it is more important to feel your abs working than how far your legs go to the side.
  • To make it harder (only if you can control the movement and keep your shoulder blades on the mat) – you can extend one or both legs. Still need more of a challenge – lower your legs closer to the mat.


And if you ever have any questions or need other modifications, please feel free to contact me – I’m always here to help!