There are many factors that contribute to how well we age; genetics is only a small portion. Our level of happiness, our willingness to try something new, our social connections and our health and fitness also impact how well we age – all are elements within our control. Numerous research studies show that activity levels are directly related to our health. I know that movement keeps me healthy and happy!

Keep your body moving to stay healthy; it’s never too late to make changes in your lifestyle!

I have found Pilates to be highly effective for whole-body toning and flexibility. It is a method of exercise that requires focus and awareness of how we move our bodies. When you perform any Pilates movement, whether on the mat or using equipment, emphasis is placed on best posture and alignment, attention to breathing and precision and control of the entire body. Even if you have never been athletic or inclined to exercise, Pilates is a safe and gentle form of activity that most people can begin doing at any age (of course, you should always consult with your physician before starting a new fitness endeavor).

Benefits of Pilates:

1. Maintain a flexible and strong body.

2. Move with ease and efficiency.

3. Have well-aligned posture and steady balance.

4. Manage stress with mindful movement.

5. Improved vitality and health.

A Pilates movement practice keeps your body more durable and resilient for life.

And if you haven’t been active, Pilates is the perfect method to start with; improve body awareness and strength in a safe, progressive manner. With Pilates, you build strength from the inside out and enhance function with other activities because of how it teaches body awareness and control.

Committing to regular practice will guarantee results, regardless of age or level of fitness.

Pilates truly is for everyone! It is best to begin with private sessions from a qualified instructor so that you learn the basic foundations and how to move your body in the best way possible.

Having a body that moves with ease, has the strength and endurance for all your daily activities and is healthy and pain free is essential for aging gracefully.

Movement = Health!

Questions about getting started? Give me call or comment below – I’d love to hear from you!