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Core Connection
6 E. Palo Verde Stree, Suite 13
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone: 602-363-4633

Located near downtown Gilbert on the northeast corner of Gilbert Road and Palo Verde Street, just south of Elliot Road.


It’s clear that Jen has a solid background in body mechanics through her Physical Therapy degree and subsequent field experience. This gives her an edge over someone who goes through basic or even advanced Pilates training without that experience, and it is evident in how she teaches and the way she watches movement to ensure correct form. When a person doesn’t have the mobility to complete an exercise, she understands how to modify the movement to achieve the right outcome. Having had sessions with several Pilates instructors, this is an important and necessary quality that isn’t easily found in the Pilates market.”– Barb

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A few facts about fascia...
  • Fascia influences the quality of our movement much more than our muscles alone.
  • Fascia plays a large role in how our nerve cells communicate to control movement.
  • Fascia has unique properties that require a specialized approach to training, recovery and therapy.
Maintaining your myofascial health is essential for a body that’s mobile and resilient. In this guide, I’m sharing restorative ways to relieve tension throughout your whole body. You’ll learn effective self-care techniques necessary for supporting healthy fascia and sustaining a body that moves with ease. 

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