Renew your body with a gentle healing approach

Working together, we will create a personalized plan aimed at reaching your goals so you can feel good in your body again. Away from the clinical setting of a medical center or a busy gym, my studio is a relaxing, peaceful environment where you will feel at ease while reconnecting with your body and recovering at your own pace.

Relief for tight, painful tissue restrictions

Cancer treatment and surgery can create fascial adhesions and scar tissue that lead to painful movement restrictions. Myofascial Release is very effective at increasing tissue mobility and restoring flexibility. The approach I use is a gentle manual therapy technique that can provide lasting results as the process awakens your body’s natural ability for self-healing. Stretches and self-release techniques are also essential for healing. Your body has the ability to heal, it just needs the right guidance for the best outcome. Another key component for restoring flexibility is movement and this can be achieved in a steady manner through a personalized Pilates program.

Pilates movement is beneficial for every stage of treatment

Pilates exercise can minimize the side-effects of treatment. When fatigue is an issue for you during treatment or in the early stages of recovery following treatment, emphasis is placed on breathing techniques and core activation to focus on enhancing the mind-body connection and reducing stress. Gradually, with safe and gentle movement, you will build strength and endurance so that daily life can be enjoyed more fully. Pilates will improve the postural changes and limited range of motion that result from surgery and reconstruction. Pilates can help control and prevent lymphedema because the exercises can be performed in an order that assists drainage, they are low-impact, use low resistance and quality of movement is emphasized over quantity of repetitions. Restore an overall sense of well-being by connecting your mind, body and spirit through movement. Give Jen a call to discuss your specific needs.
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Read more: Pilates and breast Cancer, by Suzanne C. Martin PT, DPT, CPI (link to .pdf)