Jen is a literal life-changer. I decided to try Pilates, and specifically Jen, due to a stubborn issue that months of physical therapy hadn’t really helped much, despite valiant efforts on the part of the therapists. Jen listened and we did a couple of sessions of myofascial release therapy and then she encouraged me to get moving! My issues have progressively resolved. I think her physical therapy roots help her identify what’s happening in my body and she tailors the exercises to allow me to do them even if the first time it hurts. Even if you have no issues with pain or restriction, Jen’s fabulous with her Pilates teaching–she watches carefully and corrects even the tiniest alignment problem so you get the maximum benefit from the exercise. She’s really revolutionary in her thoughts about the importance of movement. She’s also just a really nice and funny person.”
– Cindy

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A few facts about fascia...
  • Fascia influences the quality of our movement much more than our muscles alone.
  • Fascia plays a large role in how our nerve cells communicate to control movement.
  • Fascia has unique properties that require a specialized approach to training, recovery and therapy.
Maintaining your myofascial health is essential for a body that’s mobile and resilient. In this guide, I’m sharing restorative ways to relieve tension throughout your whole body. You’ll learn effective self-care techniques necessary for supporting healthy fascia and sustaining a body that moves with ease. 

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